3 Ways To To Effectively Market With Video On The Web

by Marcellus
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How To Effectively Market With Video On The Web

Online video publishing has grown exceptionally popular over the past few years. Now, producing videos for promotions, news, information, public relations, and marketing for the internet has become a key strategy of many businesses. Internet marketers who want to stand out and communicate to potential customers can now do so in a relatively inexpensive and highly effective manner.

The internet is home to an incredible amount of information and, yet, the attention span of those using the internet is mere seconds. When web users employ a search engine to find something, they see thousands of results. A visit to a website may only last a couple of seconds – probably because so many other sites are available to help those who do not immediately see what they are looking for. Visitors are not going to give the website a lot of time to determine what is being sold or presented. Very little effort is given to determine whether they like the content, style, or approach. The first few seconds of the video are absolutely crucial to keep people watching. The message has to be clear and targeted and delivered in a very fast visual manner to garner attention and engage viewer interest.

Does this infer posting a short tutorial or posting “any old” video content on a website is going to automatically sell products or services. No, that is not how the whole process works. Anyone who thinks this is the way to procure high sales conversions is going to end up becoming extremely disappointed.

To make the video in such a manner that delivers results, boosts sales, and gets across key traits and characteristics in a short amount of time, a few online video publishing strategies have to be followed:

1. Get Your Video Seen

Those who want a video to serve as the most effective marketing tool possible must accept the fact the video has to be seen by as many as possible. Just posting a video on a website won’t draw in big audiences. A little promotional work has to be done. Allow the content to be free and distributed to all the main video sharing sites. YouTube and Google Video would be the two biggest ones. Once the videos are out in public, people can watch them and talk about them. Downloading and redistributing the video is possible as well. They might even publish the video on their own site.

2. Post Small Files To Load Fast

Stats show that the average web user is only going to give a page about 7 seconds to load. Anything that takes more than 7 seconds to load, visitors become bored and opt to click away and head to another website. To increase the odds of this it is necessary to make sure the video file is small enough – less than 1 MB – so it can load without delays. AVI is probably the most common video file and requires significant amounts of megabytes for short two to three minute videos. Visitors are probably going to “click away” from sites using AVI video. Anyone who has AVI videos would be well-advised to convert the files to something more appropriate for expedited loading.

3. Let Them Know It’s A Video, A Short Video

Explain right off the bat that users are watching a video. If they do not know it is a video, they won’t click it. The “box” presented on the website has to be immediately recognizable as a video. Prominently displaying a play button helps with this cause.

Make sure the web users know the video they are watching is going to be a very short one. Audiences are not going to be thrilled about a half-hour presentation about the history of the company. Be very laser-focused on the topic and get the message across in about two minutes.

In Summation

Solid video marketing strategies intended to maximize sales require more than just placing a poorly-produced video on the web. With the right steps, effective online video publishing communications via video publishing and sharing may lead to amazing results.

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