6 Web Development Strategies For Fast Website Growth

by Marcellus

Hello All,

It has been quite the eventful last couple of days for me. I have still managed to complete the live programs but I have just been super busy. I have been in product development mode. I am working on some products and want to have most of those completed by the end of August. So what’s been going on in your world’s head over to the blog and comment and let me know.

Now the day before yesterday I was T-Boned (It’s what I am told it’s called) where some 19 year old man hit me after he crossed two lanes of traffic to make an illegal left turn. I have to admit I am still in a state of shock, I mean who would have ever thought that a person could get hit from the side with cars one the side of them going in the same direction. But needless to say I was hit, I wasn’t upset or mad just in shock I have to admit that from outside of the back and some neck pain I am going to be alright.

Now what surprised me was his parent who came to the scene and was a little rude but none the less I just stayed calm.

People should just have insurance and be kind to the person you hit. I didn’t hit him and he was rude to me. I mean for what? There was no reason to be angry with me but it seems that they were. Now what I am going to do is try and get some rest so I can make sure that I can go to work on the other job I have.

Now I told you guys that I have been doing the live shows and I am going to continue them just not sure what time of the day it will be. I have been trying 9 am Pacific standard time 12 noon Eastern but I am thinking I am going to need to change that. But like I said I am just going to keep it the way that it is and see what happens. We have also started to get more Facebook likes on our fan page. I think that getting those likes let’s me know folks like the content.

Today I want to give you some strategies to help you with your new website or blog. This should help you make more money and to keep website traffic coming in your direction.

A screen shot of a person Description generated with high confidence

Now I also threw in a freebie for you 7 ways to increase website traffic for you also. If you are serious about making money from home I promise you that this video has something golden in it to help you.

Something Golden in this video!!!!

I shared something is this video to be honest I didn’t even mean to share, It is a part of my very own marketing method for keeping good content come out to the masses. If you get it and understand it, it will help you stop wasting time and also to make sure you have good quality content coming out all the time.

Website Development Strategies

I love Facebook I am not like most people who spend all of their time on there talking about nothing. I use Facebook to make money and you can too. Some people even refer to it as a Facebook Gold Rush.

I personally know a lot of guys making $100k, $200k and $300k+ per month doing
exactly this.

This is going on RIGHT NOW and a few savvy business owners are cashing in like clockwork every single day but…

Here’s the deal:-

You need to know the tricks to collect the “Facebook gold”.

But once you do, the money flows quickly and easily so…


#1. Grab this breakthrough report that shows you WHERE the money is on Facebook and HOW to get it.

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When you learn how simple this is you will want to kick yourself for not thinking out it first. No not spamming a single person with one of those stupid…Hello How are you messages. (Got one of those the other day by this way and it made me any)

It’s so simple that anyone can do this so don’t wait.

That is all for now, get on the Gold Rush Now!!!


PS. If you want to make join our free Facebook Group coming up comment on the blog And let me know here if you can.

PPS. Ryan Lee and the Freedym team I am told will be raising the price of this group up to $99 per month!!!……You need to get in now before they do or you will be kicking yourself because you didn’t. People there are courses in there that cost $5,000 for other people and you get it all for one low monthly fee. Try it out for the next 7 days for $1 and if you don’t want to continue cancel its all in the dashboard for you.

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