Audacity Review

by Marcellus
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Want to record audio that you have heard on the Internet? Want to edit a swift podcast sound file? Like to merge some of your favorite tracks together? Want to clean out background noise? Then open source Audacity is what you were waiting for. It is your ticket to all these audio jobs, and it doesn’t need you to pay for expert sound-editing software. Audacity is surprisingly feature-full for free software.

Adding Voiceovers and Background Music with Audacity is a Snap:

Any recorded or opened the sound file in Audacity displays up as a waveform illustration of the music, and you can cut and paste by means of that graphic cue. Every time you hit record, you get a fresh track, so adding voiceovers as well as background music is a snap. The software package saves the efforts on its own.

Thanks to the Plug-in Support by Audacity:

Cheers to the plug-in support, Audacity deals with a significant number of effects such as Bass Boost, pitch, Auto duck, tempo changes, normalize, room reverb, echo, wah-wah, and tremolo, for starters. The software also offers tools for examining the sound file, considering for things like clipping, contrast, and silence. A beat finder strained to recognize rhythm and create a label file, but it missed some different beats in some of the test files. The ability to change music’s pitch without modifying the tempo and vice versa is remarkable.

Noise Removal Effect:

To eradicate noise, you select a couple of seconds of the noise only, then the part of the recording from which you need to remove noise. You can fine-tune the amount of noise removal influence you like to apply. Noise removal at low levels did a commendable job removing background noise, however, at higher levels, it caused some distortion.

Editing With Audacity:

Editing any audio with Audacity is super easy with the options like copy, cut, paste nad delete. Catch the spot to edit easily with seeking and scrubbing or with timeline quick-play. To go back any number of steps, the unlimited sequential Undo option is also available in the session. To adjust individual sample points, a drawing tool can be used. An envelope tool can be used to fade the volume up or down smoothly. The automatic crash recovery option in the event of abnormal program termination automatically recover the file.

An active Free Option to Record Audios off the Web:

In the meantime, for those who want a method to record audio off the internet or want to edit a podcast then Audacity is an active, free option. Expert musicians and engineers will want to stick with the more powerful tools with slicker interfaces they’re acquainted with, but a casual user who doesn’t want to recompense a lot should check out Audacity.

Pros of Audacity:

  • It can record anything you play on your PC.
  • Limitless undo option while editing.
  • Click and remove noise with Audacity.
  • Beat Finder.
  • Open source software with the versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Cons of Audacity:

  • Certain operations aren’t very spontaneous.
  • The effect results are different.


Audacity is an amazingly full-featured audio recording and editing software tool considering it is the free and open source.

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