Creating A Swipe File For Marketing

by Marcellus
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Building A Internet Marketing Business Using Swipe Files

Hello All,

I hope you are having a great holiday season, I have been busy trying to get my new course up on the JVZOO platform. I have been taking a little bit longer because I want to learn how to do it and also be able to release courses on an on-going basis. I will also have a new course website that will house all of the courses that I create. For the most part over the last several weeks I have been working with getting my products on the platform. Now once I conclude that I will move on to warrior plus and make sure we can launch products there also.

I thought for the most part that this wouldn’t take me so long but it looks like I was wrong I have been dealing with this for the last several weeks only because I worked backwards and I will never do that again. It just took to much time and stopped me from having the ability to create the products and have them to come out to the marketplace on time.

Have you released a product on JVZOO? (Leave me a comment on how quickly you were able to do it). I also put together a video for folks to watch if they want to know the bare bones of what you need to start an online business. Watch the video and I am sure you will see I made it basic so anyone could understand it.

How To Start An Online Business In 2018

For the most part I think I am going to nap during the day and just work at night I seem to like to work at night after a nap I am going to see how that goes. I like to wake up at night and work while everyone else in the house is sleeping.

Learn Camtasia

I love Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen and their teaching style. They are great teachers for you to learn Camtasia. If you want to learn what the industry standard for making videos is I would tell you to start there. Now once you get the software you will want to learn what the tips and tricks are for you to really maximize your learning and for you to create videos that will help people want to purchase your courses. Now I have purchased his course to learn from him for an entire Year they do two webinars a week and you are live with him learning the software and how to work with PowerPoint and I love both.

Now I’m really big on creating swipe files for myself to help me and inspire me when it comes time to creating material. I think to often what happens is people start stealing from others and not really learning how to create for themselves. So the ways that I and other marketers do that is by creating what’s called a swipe file. Watch the video Below and that will give you an idea of how to do it and also how to build a file list. Now I use Snagit to capture images and also videos for myself to swipe and it helps me to come up with ideas and to help me not go crazy with ideas.

How To Create A Swipe File For Marketing

Now his swipe file is going to give you over 100 products and help you start and its CHEAP!!!

If you have questions leave me a comment below and I will respond.

If you have questions leave me a comment below and I will respond.

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