Cute FTP Pro [Review] & Bonus

by Marcellus
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What is cute FTP?

Cute FTP is one of the best known among ftp clients. FTP stands for file transfer protocols. It is a standard network protocol which helps in sending or transferring files between a client and a server and a computer network. It contains separate controls and data structures. Basically FTP is required when web pages are uploaded on the internet.


Ftp Pro is easy to use and manage. Some of the features given in its third version are as follows:

  1. It includes a variety of security features.
  2. It provides a password protection features.
  3. Its provides a functionality of automation.
  4. It also evolves scripting.
  5. It helps in improving files and folder management.
  6. It provides a better transfer recovery of data.
  7. It contains new graphics.
  8. It also provides toolbar icons.
  9. Dialogue boxes also occur using this.
  10. It can easily monitor the local folder in order to provide the change.

Ftp Pro is great to use. Some of the features of Ftp Pro which are my favorite are:

  1. Scheduled transfers.
  2. FTP files synchronization.
  3. FTP Folder synchronization.
  4. Compressing uploads.
  5. Helps in resuming the broken transfers.

These are some of the features which people mostly love and these are found in almost every FTP client software.

Cute FTP Pro also comes with the built in HTML editor.

Files are transferred in between computers in order to publish web pages, to download digital images, music, multimedia files and much more. It helps in transferring the files of any size or type between your home and in your work place.

Advantages of using FTP Pro

Easy to use

Cute Ftp Pro is easy to use. One does not to understand the deep knowledge in order to deal with this. A user friendly interface helps their customers in maintaining and updating websites. One can easily create and open the HTML documents on the computers.

Provide Security

Cute Ftp Pro provides security to their customers. It provides a password protection features. With this feature only the authorized person is able to access the data. It keeps the data safe and protected from all unauthorized users.


Automation basically refers to an automatic control. It helps in creating and scheduling labor easily. Hundreds and thousands of files can be transfer over the network in a small period of time. In fact it is done in nano seconds. There is no such issue of data damage or data loss. It provides faster and easy movement of files from one place to another. It can perform this entire task in 100 concurrent transfers.

The above mention software is the Cute Ftp Software. It helps in transferring files and data from one location to another easily and shortly. One can enjoy all the features and the latest features of Cute Ftp Pro. Cute Ftp Pro does not require a deep knowledge. One can easily understand its working and concept. When one start working on this software then it is guaranteed that he/she will love all its features and functionalities.

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