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Freedym University [Review] & Ryan Lee Internet Marketers Dream Team!!

by Marcellus
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Freedym University Gives Online Success To Online Newbies!!!

Freedym University is the internet marketers dream. Yesterday I spent most of the day inside since we had a little bit of rain here in southern California. I know, they told you it never rains here but it does. So while inside I thought I would just write my story and how I changed my internet life by running into one person. Now before you start to write me off as some guru let me first tell you I am not. I am an insurance agent by trade and I enjoy my job helping families protect their future. But just like most people I always look for ways to supplement my income on auto pilot and internet marketing has been the only way over the last few years I have been able to make it.

Don’t let anybody tell you that having a mentor is something that you don’t need to have. It has made all the difference for me and that person has been Ryan Lee. It’s an interesting story. A year ago I had a friend send me a course called the 1k a day formula. This course taught you how to build low and high ticket products to sell online. Ryan took you through the ins and outs of creating products online. I was excited to really get some real information. I was tired of going to webinar after webinar looking for some secret formula. Let me tell you now there is NO SECRET FORMULA. But there is real concreate information out there to help you start and build on your journey. So while watching this course Ryan takes you through everything right down to the microphone he used to record the course. It was refreshing. I mean really to have someone really tell you what they were doing to make money. One of the things the internet marketing space is missing is real systems to help people go from A to Z.

So many marketers will tell you they will sell you their system but very few people really do and the one’s that do will charge you thousands of dollars to do so. And as you grow in your business you will realize you don’t want anyone’s system anyway. What you really need are the keys to develop your own business and carve out a niche for yourself. Now while watching this course Ryan says many people will steal courses and that is a part of the business but in the long run it would work to your benefit if you are providing good info. I must tell you I laughed out loud when he said that. Why? I was watching a course that was sent to me by a friend and I didn’t pay for it….talk about perspective. Ryan is different than any other online marketer I have run across, he is relaxed and has an amazing attitude. He says that even if they steal the course and you provide good info people will seek you out to learn more and get closer to the person that is really helping them and they will pay you for the information. I should tell you that was my story. I rushed to find out more about this dude!. I found him to be amazing. So much so that when I found him and the Freedym family I dove right in. My First course after finding my Freedym family was Freedym Bootcamp.

This bootcamp was like water in a thirsty land. It gave me the in’s and out’s of starting a true Freedom lifestyle business. It also helped me to create my first course online and put that on Udemy. I wanted people to get the in’s and out of product creation. Now I have had an offline business for years. This business brought thousands of dollars to me each year. But it was way to time consuming for me and this business allows me to really create a product today and earn money on auto pilot.

So what exactly is Freedym Univeristy? FREEDYM is the world’s largest training resource community for lifestyle entrepreneurs. We have over 1,000+ hours of step-by-step training, advice and tutorials covering everything from product creation and membership sites to traffic and outsourcing.

Plus, this site is updated DAILY! with a brand new, exclusive training so you’ll always get the latest “what’s working now” advice.

Below is just a small taste of what’s waiting for you inside:

With all of us being inundated everyday with email’s it was amazing to me that Ryan taught us to send one email everyday and let be all and put whatever we wanted in that email and that it! The moment I heard that I had to try it and guess what? It WORKED!! I have been sold every since.

Would you like to learn about internet marketing but don’t like to pay thousands of dollars ,or saw off your right arm, just to attend an IM workshop for a couple of days?

Do you like the idea of Netflix style, where you can access hundreds of video tutorials, so you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of home? Repeat as often as you like. This is like the online marketing university we all have prayed for. These are taught by experts in their own field of expertise.

Education is expensive. But this one is affordable. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

Acquiring internet marketing knowledge will empower you to create an income online. You don’t have to depend on others to give you a job anymore. Learn internet marketing and create your own job.

I want to give you the opportunity to look at this community. For Just $1 for the next seven days. Don’t take my word for it. Here are some reasons why you need Freedym.

  • Information All In One Place.
  • Experts Are Already Members. (Like Donovan Green Featured on Dr OZ!)
  • Coffee Shop Available to Ask any Member a Question?
  • Stream Lined Learning.
  • Step By Step Systems to help you carve out your niche.

Don’t Wait take a look at Freedym now for only $1

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