Hostgator [Review] & Bonus.

by Marcellus
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HostGator Web Hosting

What is it?

HostGator web hosting contains hosting plans. It provides the best web hosting services. Technology is getting faster day by day. Now days every new business and new project contains a website. The website contains all the details of the specific project and business. In case of a website, web hosting service is also needed. It is one of the easy and an affordable way of getting familiar with web hosting. It includes cloud hosting, Word Press hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a method of hosting in which resources of different aggregate servers are used. This means that your website basically needs a virtual resource of several servers that contain all the aspects of hosting your website. Here the collection of servers is the cloud.

CloudLinux is mostly used on all Web hosting hub servers in order to provide better performance and security as compared to standard shared hosting services.

Advantages of using cloud hosting

There are many advantages of cloud hosting. Some of them are as follows:

  1. It provides scaleability.
  2. In cloud hosting there is no single point of failure.
  3. It provides more flexibility to your website.
  4. Cloud hosting provides easy data backup and recovery.

WordPress Hosting

Word Press can be setup easily on HostGator. Among different blogging techniques, word press hosting is one of the most important blogging programs. WordPress includes two types of WordPress programs. These are and There are some advantages of using These are:

  1. When you host the website under then it costs you nothing.
  2. is also “ad-supported”. Ad-supported means that you can randomly display ads on your blog.

But since here is a small issue of using The issue is that it cannot support plug-in due to which it is not possible to have full access to certain features. This is the reason that people prefer to use In order to use WordPress, your hosting plans should support MySQL and PHP.

VPS Hosting

VPS stand for Virtual Private Server offers more heat than shared hosting. VPS hosting cost less as compared to other dedicated hosting. HostGator Web Hosting contains the following main features. These are as follows:

  1. It consists of 8GB RAM.
  2. Its maximum storage capacity is 240GB.
  3. HostGator Web Hosting does not provide unlimited Monthly data transfers.
  4. HostGator Web Hosting provides support to Linux Servers.
  5. HostGator Web Hosting provides support to Windows Servers.
  6. HostGator Web Hosting provides 24/7 Customer Support.

Linux-based VPS hosting saves money as compared to Windows server. If you host in a VPS environment then your website is not able to share resources with neighboring sites. Webhosts typically offer multiple VPS plans that contain email capability, RAM, Storage, CPU power.

Dedicated to Hosting

HostGator is one of the excellent webhost. It provides more flexibility.

Money back guarantee

HostGator provides 45-day guarantee. This is the reason it is considered to be one of the most generous type of web hosting technique.

Quality customer Service

HostGator provides quality service to its users. It contains answer of almost every question which might be asked. HostGator supports 24/7 telephone support and an online webchat in order to provide helping methods to their customers.

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