How Facebook Live Can Make You Money-Even If your Dumb As A box of Rocks!!!

by Marcellus

Hello all welcome to Tuesday,

Well yesterday was a very eventful day. I spent most of the morning trying to get my Facebook live to work. I tried so much to the point that I almost gave up. Some of the people on my timeline and in the Freedym group called me out on it and I had to go back and just do the live with my cell phone. The good news is it worked great! I was able to complete the live and was able to tell some of the folks that I respect the most how much I loved them. Below you will find the live video.

Well I should have known that something was going to go wrong when Adobe told me that they had been charging me $29.99 per month for the last four or five months for my dollar club membership. Let me explain. I always like to have top quality photos on my website, and I have always gotten those from a quality website and I chose dollar photo club.

Well about a year ago adobe bought them out (I know there would be problems with that) but they said they were going to keep my price the same for about a year. But the interesting thing is this they sent me a notice a few month’s ago telling me that they would renew my membership for $29.99 for the year, I was fine with that but here is the catch they then would charge me that same price each month. The dollar photo club was $9.99 per month that gave the ability to download ten photos each month and each additional photo for $1.00. Well adobe decided that they would up the price and then charge $2.99 per photo.

Well you can guess I was not having it. They decided to tell me if I decided to cancel they would then close the account but I would loose access to the 194 photo’s that I had yet to download. I couldn’t believe that. I just was like pissed as you can imagine but pray for me I am still pissed!. In order for me to get the photo’s I have yet to download they told me I had to pay $29.99 and they would give me three month’s to download the photo’s I hadn’t downloaded yet. Well I have been a downloading fool since yesterday. I just couldn’t believe those fools!!!! I am not paying $2.99 for photo’s who the heck do they think they are!!!…….Adobe I guess!!!…….lol

So I started with the live stuff my plan was to go live at 9am Pacific time, well that didn’t happen so I just gave up and went to go lay down. While laying down I thought, It doesn’t need to be perfect you just need to complete the task. I think so often we all want perfection and we allow that to keep us for moving forward in our business. Think about it what are you waiting on to start? No I mean really what are you waiting on? Are you waiting on all the stars to align and for you to have all the money in the world for marketing? Well then what would you even need a business for if that was the case? We all have to learn that not everything will be perfect I mean just look at my face……..

I was so angry my stomach started to hurt. I was like I am just going back to bed. But you know what this is bigger than me. My mom needs her medications and I have to help so I don’t have the option to quit. And you may not have a mom who needs what my mom needs but you can’t quit either. So you have to allow your why to become bigger than the mistakes and also the things that you get wrong.

So in the daily live vlog yesterday I talked about the five things I do each day to move my business forward. This took me years to get these simple task down and now they are going off like clock work.

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  1. Daily Email
  2. Daily Blog post.
  3. Daily Social Media Posting
  4. Daily Traffic
  5. Daily Product Creation work.

These are the five things that I do every day to make money and you can to they are just that simple. Forget all the other crap what I just showed you will make you more money if you just focus on the things that make sense for your business.

Now I don’t consider myself the best writer in the world but I can do my best. If a word is misspelled and I forget to add a colon or whatever I don’t beat myself up I just keep going.

Now the way most people today are making money is Facebook. Don’t be a fool there are a lot of people making a ton using it. And guess what I am now using it also. So what do they do?


This all happened about a year or so ago. A friend of mine called me out of the blue and he was irate.

(We’re talking anger of gasket blowing proportions here).

He was super frustrated, jealous  and angry at the people making easy money from Facebook because  he thought he’d tried everything and couldn’t crack the code.

“It’s a conspiracy”, he said as he hung up the phone.

Oh boy.

Well shortly after I spoke to him he disappeared into his “Facebook learning cave” for 18 months and has now re-emerged with something quite incredible.

He’s used everything he’d learned and conducted a weird “Facebook money” experiment and it made $175,120!

Pretty cool.

So it’s fair to say this guy knows where the money is on Facebook and HOW to get it and now he’s showing you here.

I call this his stupid simple money method!!! Click here for details.

I tried my best yesterday to make sure that I was giving you value I hope you enjoyed what I shared. Well tomorrow we will talk about the five industry players that will help you make money online and how to make sense of the entire process.

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Well Until tomorrow,

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