How To Create Videos On a Budget To Kick Off Your Business

by Marcellus
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How To Create Videos On a Budget


In the last couple of days I have posted a video on YouTube to help you make videos on budget. I put this together just to help you with what I am using in my business. There is a common misconception that high quality videos can only be produced by professionals using costly equipment. However, with the right camera and a little editing, you can make videos which look and sound professional on a budget.

Do you want to learn how to create videos on a budget? Well, read on for tips. How to create videos on a budget Figure out the video theme Before you start filming, it is important to determine the conceptual focus of your video. This the most important element of the finished product. It involves knowing the video subject, purpose, target audience and script.

Establish your budget Before you start to create your video, you will need some equipment, such as a camera, microphone, and lighting equipment. While this list might seem daunting, it is possible to create a budget-friendly equipment inventory. Don’t assume you will need the most expensive equipment. It’s better to use a cheap camera that you can easily operate than to buy a USD1000 DSLR camera that you are not well-acquainted with.


Create Videos On A Budget

Prioritize the equipment in the following order: microphone, camera and lighting equipment. To maintain your low budget, you can improvise. For instance, avoid spending USD100 on a tripod when you can simply use a stack of books. Choose your camera Depending on the kind of videos you are planning to create, you can may use anything from smartphone cameras to high quality DSLR cameras. Some of the simpler camera types include the: – Smartphone:

A smartphone allows you to record quality videos at a budget. A smartphone is also more portable than larger cameras, so you can shoot videos on-the-go. The major disadvantage of using smartphones is the lack of audio input. – Camcorder: This is a good balance between the portability of a smartphone and high-quality shooting features of a DSLR. You can buy a camcorder that records in high-definition cheaply – at around $120. Invest in a good microphone Even if you make a beautiful footage, poor audio quality can severely damage the overall appeal of the video. Using the built-in microphone of your camera may make it difficult to get an audio quality that matches your video quality.

Therefore, you should consider buying a microphone that your camera supports. Using a microphone can also reduce background noise and echoing in your video since the microphone is usually closer to the mouth than the camera. Get some lighting Lighting can mean anything from natural light to desk lamp.

For the best results, it is advisable to use static source of lighting. When it comes to setting up the lighting, there should be three sources: one behind your camera, one at 45 degrees to your right or left and the last one placed directly opposite the second one while facing the wall. You can may also use natural light to illuminate the subject from behind the camera. Get a good video-editing software program A number of computers come with video-editing software programs, like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. These will work for you, but you can download or buy more advanced software programs that will allow you to produce high-quality videos.

Just do your best and Really Look for what will help you in your business. I can’t really tell you what to use no one can, your business is unique to you. But comment below

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