MW Snap [Review]

by Marcellus
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What is it?

MWSnap is basically a powerful program which helps in easing images from selected parts of the screen. However the interface of MWSnap is not much inspired. MWSnap is freeware software. It includes 5 very popular graphics formats and also contains graphic tools. It also provides a functionality of fast picture viewer and converter.

Features of Simple MWSnap

Some of the features provided by MWSnap are as follows:

  1. It includes 5 snapping modes.
  2. MWSnap program support many formats such as BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG and GIF formats.
  3. It contains system wide hot-keys.
  4. It provides an option of clip-based copy paste.
  5. It provides printing.
  6. It includes auto-saving.
  7. It includes auto-printing.
  8. It enables of getting Auto-start with windows.
  9. It helps in minimizing the system tray.
  10. More frames can be added.
  11. One can view the pictures faster.
  12. A ruler is available which helps in measuring the length of the screen.

Available languages

MWSnap program is available in different languages. The available language versions are Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Swedish.

New Characteristics

There are many new features and characteristics in the new versions of this program. These are:

  1. A color picker tool. This tool helps in picking any color of your choice.
  2. More better and improved sound effects are available in the new versions.
  3. A configuration option is also provided to the customers.
  4. It also helps in restoring their last screen options.
  5. It helps in updating the program documentation.
  6. Minor bugs can be removes easily.
  7. Errors can be removed through minimizing and restoring.
  8. MWSnap does not require any installation.
  9. It also does not need any DLLS.
  10. It remains safe from all the files or the drivers which might cause a mess on your system.

This is one of the outstanding program and is loveable among the users. People love to work on this and enjoy with its features. This very friendly program requires no expertise. One can easily work with this. You can perform the operation according to your choice. You can select a fixed area of your screen or may be a complete area of your entire desktop. Bonus features are also provided to the customers which include:

  1. On screen ruler.
  2. Desktop magnifier.
  3. A window information tool.
  4. Color picker.

MWSnap also helps in modifying images by flipping or simply rotating them on some definite angle. One can also add a variety of frames and cursor shapes. It is one of the excellent choices among people.

The above mention software is the V MWSnap program. It helps in making images and capturing screenshot pictures. One can enjoy all the features and the latest features of MWSnap by simply installing this on their device. MWSnap is a free ware application. When one start working on this software then it is guaranteed that he/she will love all its features and functionalities.

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