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by Marcellus
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Howdy Folks welcome to my products page! This is the place where I am going to let you know all about my current products. I’ll give you a little bit more information about them and also link to them in a new window so that you can see if you like it and if the product is a good fit for you. For the most part these will be the products that are being launched and brought to the larger marketplace.

**Note: Some of my courses, they may have a start date listed you can- ignore that-because they’re ongoing and you can join and get started long after the course or class has began.

Product Store– Well this isn’t a course, but a store where you can buy some of the courses I create. They will for the most part have videos that will give you the rundown of what’s inside the course so you will never have to guess what you are buying. Some of these products may come with resell rights and I will have a download link inside of the course when you purchase so you can get access to that.

Reneagade Product Creation– This is a course that I created for the Udemy Platform. With over a 1,000 students this is where you can learn how to create a product and also the tools that I use to create my products. Now I will be creating a new course in 2018 this one still has a lot of good info and can help you start your journey.( This Link will Provide a 50% Discount)

Autoresponder Profits 1.0( Coming Soon!) This course will teach you how to maximize your autoresponder. It will help you to acquire leads and also keep them on your list. There are some gems in this course. I will teach you how to not waste so much time and represent at the highest possible level who you are and what you can offer them.



Thanks Marcellus 🙂


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