Who is Marcellus McMillian? UPDATE: I Work hard so that I can enjoy my freedom later.

Just who am I and why should you learn from me?

just me

I am a native of Winston-Salem, NC and I have always been a home town boy. I found my way to Los Angeles after leaving some family and friends behind to pursue some life goals. When I arrived here it was quite the shock to find bars and gates on everything!  I am nothing but a church boy. What I mean by that is I was raised in the Holiness church so this was a culture shock for me.  Los Angeles is a wonderful place when you really get to know the people and take the time to look at things with an open mind.

Marketers always try and tell you a down and out sort of story and I guess my down and out struggle would be my fight to really have a life of freedom. I have always tried to control my life’s work and my income with some type of freedom. I am a licensed insurance professional and have been for over 9 years strong. I am currently working on building my practice back up to it’s former glory and that will take some time and I am surely going to do that before my 45th birthday.

My Childhood let’s start there. I have had quite the eventful childhood. It is nothing short of a miracle that I am still alive. I have had so many issues growing up from going hungry till not knowing where I was going to lay my head. But I am sure many people have the same story. It’s never easy to really make it when you are not taught about finances from an early age. Just think about it, why would poor people teach their kid’s about money nine times out of ten they don’t have anything to teach them. I’m being serious not saying they couldn’t have the basic concepts down but I mean really, what could poor people really know about money?

The best advice that I have ever gotten about money has come from people who understood profits are better than wages. Most of us are taught from birth what I call the struggle mentality. The fake it till you make it code of life. I have always rejected that even when I was broke. So then what do you do in order to change your perspective and really get out of life what you really need to know? It’s call mentorship, learning from someone who has already crossed the bridges that you would like to cross and can help you not go back. Your bridge of poverty needs to be burned and you need to never go back!

My life has been a life of miracles and blessings. I am grateful for the opportunity to reach people and talk to people as often as I can. I am currently working my way to building back my insurance practice and finding a new place to live. I would love to hear what it is that you’re are passionate about.

In the early 90’s I built what most people would call a dream team of marketers in a network marketing company. I built that team to over 30,000 reps and I was looking to retire in my twenty’s. But as you have already guess something happened. That something was the owners of the company decided that they would just run off with all of the money and leave all of the reps high and dry..i.e broke. I vowed I would never ever get involved with MLM again. For the most part I haven’t. But over the years with the birth of the internet and seeing people really work hard and change their lives I decided to move into the world of internet marketing. And what a change that has been for me. I have clearly been able to see the power of what that can do for people and I think it will be the new economy in the future. I will talk with you about that later but you will always hear me saying that a lot.

Being on the internet has brought me such joy and freedom. And I want to teach as many people as I can about that freedom.

Getting started online can be tough. I remember when I first got started and I built my first website it was horrible and I knew it was horrible but I made money why? Because I worked hard and did what I had to do to bring visitors and folks to my site. That’s really all I teach folks how to work hard and do the things that will make them more money.

If you are just getting started please note that this is not easy and you will need to put work into learning what you need to know to see your income increase. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. I believe that in the next few years we will see some of the greatest advancements in technology that will help all of us.

There are a few things you should be ok with when coming online.

                                  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
                                  2. Don’t be afraid to say no to the newest products that can’t help your business.
                                  3. Streamlining Your Learning

For the most part I had a great childhood. I loved to laugh and for the most part I still do. I have the craziest since of humor. I try and never be hurtful to people because I know what that feels like but for the most part I love to laugh. And I guess you can say I am a bit of a nerd. I never used to think I was.

just me

But I can clearly see that I am. The photo above is one of the only photos of my childhood that I own. If there are other family members who have photos of me I have no idea. I am in a family that if they own a photo of you they will never give it up.  I don’t know if your family is like mine but photos are like gold.

I guess you can say I was a happy child and had a blessed childhood.