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by Marcellus
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Howdy Everybody! You might have noticed here on my blog, there’s a mixture now of public and private(password protected) post.

Here’s the low down on why that is. Sometimes I do post that’s just going to be for the folks who subscribe to my list and this blog. I like to really go all out for the people who subscribe to this blog and my list. You’ll get those passwords emailed to you whenever I post something new. (Sign Up Below)

But other times, It’s a exclusive lesson or product that’s password protected. I came to the conclusion to abandon creation a bunch of sales pages/download pages because they often just leave people without help and not really knowing what to do. This is a great way for me to help you implement what I am teaching and also we all know what happens when you leave people alone to do the work. 🙁

So for the most part my lessons and courses are now a way for me to ride along with you to help you complete the tasks and also see your success. This is a little more hand holding and critiquing to help you along your way. I’m here to answer questions,make new tutorials if your lost, etc. This is going to be far more interactive, provides camaraderie (unless you prefer to hide in the internet bushes, and that’s fine too), and help my participants take action on the lessons.

If you see a private post that is a product or lesson you can buy access below or submit a support ticket and let me know the date and name of the priviate post and we will send you a link and or more info on how you can get access.

This is the way that I am going to teach now. And for the most part the lessons days might have ended, you can join at ANY time and take the lessons or purchase the courses. I will Always be here to answer your questions, offer critiques and for God’s sake hand holding, etc that will never end.

Get on my list below!

Marcellus 🙂

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