Simple Video Pro[Review] & Bonus

by Marcellus
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Simple Video Pro 2

What is it?

A simple video pro 2 is a video player wordpress plugin by Nick LaPolla and Mike Lantz. This plugin contains many awesome features. A tip is also provided to the long term customers. The tip is that whom who have the plugin for a long period of time does not need to pay full price to the latest versions.

Features of Simple Video Pro 2

Video Control

You can display, view and control different YouTube or embed self hosted videos on your site. The tasks which you may be able to perform are:

  1. First of all choose the start and the ending points of the video.
  2. Manage the alignment.
  3. Choose the size of the screen from wide-screen or standard.
  4. Select auto play videos.
  5. Auto hide the control bar.
  6. Hide the mouse-over.
  7. Create your own CSS frames.
  8. Provide play-in-view option.

CSS Frames

There are 15 different CSS frames which you can use for your video. They have the ability to resize according to mobile devices. You can choose the frame according to our choice.


With play-in-view option if one can view the video then it start playing automatically. And when it scrolls out of view it will stop. It is useful when multiple videos are displayed on some page.

SVP Global Videos

One of the feature of simple video pro 2 is SVP Global Videos. It display videos in the following manner:

  1. In widget
  2. Within the theme code.
  3. It display videos on outside non- WordPress sites.

Monetize your videos

Simple video pro 2 provides a feature of monetizing your video. Here are some of the monetization features. These are:

  1. Splash images
  2. Banner ad
  3. PayPal button
  4. One can add their own logos, signs on the video easily using monetization.
  5. One can place their logos in the video wherever they want.

All this can happen in a short period of time because you don’t need to create any video; your job is to simply add some extra features to the video and made it a new one.

Traffic generation

Simple video pro 2 provides three different ways in traffic generation. These are SEO, viral buttons and embed codes.


SEO deals with following characteristics:

  1. Site map of a video
  2. Graph tags
  3. Video Text Snippets

The site map of a video and the video text snippets helps in letting the Google know about the videos. It provides extra information to Google. Whereas graph tags helps in viral marketing.

Embed codes

There are two type of embed codes. These are:

  1. Normal embed codes
  2. Affiliate embed codes

With the use of embed codes on can post the videos on many sites.

This review is about simple video pro 2. It is concluded from the above study that simple video pro 2 provides many interesting features and are also easy to setup. One can easily understand it and use it.

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