The Five Industry Players In Affiliate Marketing

by Marcellus

Good morning all,

Well yesterday the live went off without any issues. I have been making the recordings with my cell phone and just editing those videos with Camtasia. I have to admit I have had to figure a way out that I can do all of this stuff without going nuts. I have been amazed at the response of folks also to our live broadcast. If you haven’t done so already send me a friend request on Facebook so that you will get the notice when I go live each morning. This way you can see it live and also have the ability to ask me questions.

Now most of you know that I was an offline publisher for years and I will be bringing my publications back in 2018 to help with fresh traffic and also as a part of the larger goal that we have as a company. If you are on the list because of the mail-order publications I haven’t left you out I will have some good stuff coming for you guys also.

I was so happy that Tiffany Lambert and Liz Tomey both supported and watch the live video I did the other day. These ladies are sharp and two people in this space that I respect. I hope I am able to make them proud and show them what their hard work has produced. I don’t figure out what I want to talk about on the live shows  before I go on and sometime that is good and bad. Now I have a general idea but for the most part I have not a clue. And I have noticed that I have been giving out some real good info though and people are responding.

Five Industry Players In Affiliate Marketing.

Now I would like to build by subscriber list on YouTube so here is what I am going to do. I am going to be giving away $25 Amazon gift cards to one lucky subscriber starting August 18,2017. Rules and all that will be listed on the blog later. In order to win you have to subscribe to the channel and also watch the live broadcast. Every Friday after that we will put all the new subscribers into a pool (hat) whatever and draw one name LIVE! And then you will know if you won or not!!! How cool is that!!!

I am off to take care of some business things today but if you weren’t on the live broadcast yesterday you missed a good one. I talked about the five industry players in affiliate marketing. You can watch the replay above.

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